Sunwah Tower Nguyễn Huệ là tòa nhà văn phòng hạng A tọa lạc tại 115 Nguyễn Huệ, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1. Sunwah Tower Nguyen Hue is a Grade A office building located at 115 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 Office for lease

SINCE 1957

About us

Sunwah Group has established for more than 60 years.

Corporate history dates back to 1957 when patriarch Choi Kai Yau founded SunwahGroup in Hong Kong as a seafood processor, wholesaler and distributor. It was from the trade and financial hub of Hong Kong that Sunwah expanded its food wholesale trade and distribution businesses in Southeast Asia and North America. Mr. Choi Kai Yau received his moniker as the “King of Seafood” .

In 1976, Dr. Jonathan K S Choi, son of the Founder, assumed Chairman of Sunwah. Under his leadership Sunwah’s business expands and diversifies. Today, Sunwah is a highly diversified conglomerate with businesses in eight principal areas: Seafood & Foodstuff, Real Estate, Financial Services, Technology, Infrastructure, Media, Education and training, Green technology and healthcare. Activities cover extensively into Mainland China, Japan, Macau, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Canada, Europe, the US and Australia.

Sun Wah Group Companies

Sun Wah Pearl

Sunwah Pearl is a prominent real estate development located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Situated in the bustling Binh Thanh District, Sunwah Pearl offers a luxurious living experience with its modern architecture and high-end amenities.

Sun Wah Innovation Center

Sunwah Inno delivers a unique office solution – a combination of inspiring and friendly work environment. Our multi-functional facilities are dedicated to creative individuals and businesses of all types, from SMEs to large corporations.

Vina Capital

As Vietnam’s only multi-disciplinary asset manager, we offer local and international investors a range of opportunities to share in the country’s growth.

Sun Wah Beverage

Sun Wah Beverage Company operates in Vietnam, producing a variety of beverages like bottled water, coffee, and teas. Known for quality and innovation. 

Sun Wah Kingsway

Sunwah Kingsway Capital Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong based financial services provider catering to clients across a well-anchored service platform.